Date: Thursday 14 September 2017

Venue: Banking Hall, 14 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND

Back for its second year, It's The Consumer, Stupid! is a must attend event for anyone interested in delivering better financial solutions to their customers.

With a new 'newsroom' format, Boring Money MD Holly Mackay will chair the day, supported by; Amazon's 'Alexa', our roving journalists, industry disrupters, media gurus and content experts. We'll also have some finance 'Big Wigs' too.

On the day we'll have live tech demos, special features on AI, consumer ratings, media and lively panel discussions. The day will feel fast-paced and be fact-packed!

Why should you attend?

This day will balance the delivery of practical learnings with longer-term challenges and ideas. On the one hand the industry continues to struggle to engage and the ways in which we create content, websites, apps, campaigns and other customer-facing materials needs to evolve and improve. There is a regulatory requirement to 'know your customer' which is hard in an intermediated environment - the day will be full of the latest consumer research, insights and feedback on the newest products, sites and services. This conference also aims to provoke and to throw out challenges as well as provide some potential answers on the latest topics including AI and advice, Robo 'Mark Two', doing well in the social world of 'likes', engaging the unengageable and just what exactly our customers expect from us.

This is a must attend event for all financial firms who are building new products and digital channels with a view to engaging (even delighting!?) the end-customer, whether they are advised or DIY.

Sessions will include:

Who we are

Boring Money is an independent business which has been set up to help normal people who don't have PhDs in finance make some smart investment decisions quickly and painlessly. The website was set up for anyone who thinks that investments are, well, just a little bit boring. Their mission is to cut through the cr@p, to explain stuff in normal language and to help everyone who has ever felt a bit alienated, patronised or simply cross-eyed and exhausted, to make some good decisions and to get those financial monkeys off your back.

Through the website, social media and research consumers engage with Boring Money. And everything they learn is leveraged for our industry partners and their customers in a virtuous cycle of engagement, measurement and feedback. They help create engagement with their clients customers through fresh content, consumer focused platforms and websites and insights from research. Their clients include Legal & General, BNY Mellon, Zurich, KPMG, BlackRock, Schroders, Alliance Trust Savings, Scottish Widows, Invesco, Franklin Templeton, Aviva, JP Morgan, Vanguard, Evest and the Financial Services Consumer Panel.

Read more about Boring Money here.

MiP are an events and marketing agency specialising in financial services, helping some of the biggest brands in the sector communicate with clients and showcase their products thorough live events, online tools and investment marketing.

Read more about MiP here.


Here's what some of our attendees thought of our 2016 event.

I found Boring Money's 2016 conference an engaging debate on the current issues the industry faces in trying to engage its clients. Holly always leads with intelligence, eloquence and enthusiasm, and the speakers and venue were high quality.

Ian Gorham, Former CEO, Hargreaves Lansdown

An excellent event both from presentation and networking standpoints. I heard from and met lots of interesting people who shared some great insights.

Hugo Sparks, Product Manager, Charles Stanley

I found the day very interesting and informative. Holly looks at topical items in the personal finance world but from a different lens and this is very helpful for us as a different view, as so much of our business is intermediated and we are thus one step removed from 'joe public'. Lots of good speakers with balanced views and lively debate and the usual fun thrown in as Holly manages to disarm her speakers to get to the heart of the matter. This event compliments the vast swathe of professional events and indeed research across the industry and I would recommend it to my sales director peers.

James Crossley, Head of Retail Distribution, Jupiter Asset Management

The exception to the rule. I am sorry to say that conference events that engage, inspire, educate and create the chance to meet peers across the sector, are very hard to find. The Boring Money 'It's the consumer' conference ticked all those boxes. I came away buzzing with actionable steps to take when back at ranch and several months on I am in regular contact with a handful of great people who I met at the event. And a full day thinking 'customer' is very good for the soul!. Thank you - worth every penny'.

Darren Cornish, Director, Customer Experience, The Share Centre.

Thank you to all at Boring Money for a great event, refreshing and inspiring. Having attended mainly adviser focused events in the past, and not many financial events for the end customer, you managed to bring these two worlds together perfectly. Holly in her straight-talking style made sure the event did not have highs and lows. Really well done, look forward to the next.

Emma Napier, True Potential

Holly and her team have a real talent for pulling together the right people at the right time with the right agenda to make this a really worthwhile and relevant day. There was a great line up of speakers last year, and a really interesting variety of topics covered. The standout session for me was the 'Millennials in focus' with '@girllostinthecity' blogger, Emma Gannon. Her straight talking approach made a lot of people sit up and take notice of how we need to communicate with her age group in the future to make a difference. Dan Best's 8 myths of viral videos session was another 'inspirational' session. What's more, the venue, organisation and catering were magnificent! Well worth a day out of the office.

Fiona Whytock, Senior Media Relations Manager, Aviva


The pace of change

Key takeaways

Customer research: the facts and stats; consumer expectations and the broader tech landscape.


An update - the industry and the consumer

Holly Mackay, MD, Boring Money will share the latest research and introduce the website content team for the day.


Cross over to our consumer vox pops


Jeremy White, Product Editor, Wired Magazine

Jeremy will talk us through the latest tech, gadgets and software. How will these impact on the finance industry?


Panel session with new consumer propositions

  • Investec: Jane Warren, CEO Click and Invest
  • UBS: Nick Middleton, Co-Head of UBS SmartWealth
  • Vanguard: Rob Fisher, Head of Retail Growth

We'll see their latest launches and hear about the consumer insights that have driven the build and development.


Live cross to tech demo #1


Coffee break

New players and propositions

Key takeaways

Competitor insights and market trends; an understanding of the latest thinking about the role advice can play; new insights about the latest supporting tech and software.


Cross over to our consumer vox pops


The new face of advice - how tech will turbo-charge the advice process

How software will enable advisers to service a larger group of customers: Advice fights back


Industry disrupters: Banks, Bots and Bosses

  • Anthony Thomson, founder and chairman of Atom Bank
  • Emanuel Andjelic, co-founder and Chairman of Squirrel
  • Victor Trokoudes, Plum Co-founder and CEO

Live cross to tech demo #2


Podcasts - the lowdown

David Prest, Managing Director of Whistledown

David will discuss what are podcasts and how can they help your brand? A producer's view of the dramatic growth and development of downloadable audio (aka podcasts), as well as the latest impact figures, the way brands have imaginatively harnessed their power, and the likely trends in one of the fastest moving and most dynamic of new content platforms.



The power of community and tribes

Key takeaways

How to crack consumer engagement; how to apply segmentation research and put this into practice.


Steven Mendel founder of Bought By Many

It is possible to build a business that has the customer at its centre, even in insurance. Bought By Many has pioneered an approach of building communities of individuals who have distinct insurance needs - Steven Mendel, CEO & Co-founder, will explain how and why.


Mark Leruste: The power of storytelling to grow your business

Mark, the founder and host of The Unconventionalists will breakdown the #1 mistake 99% of businesses make when it comes down to engaging with their customers and what we can do in order to stand out from the crowd in a noisy digital world.


Panel session: Telling stories

Content marketing spend in the UK is set to rise 179.2 per cent to £349 million in 2020, from £125 million in 2014, according to a report from Yahoo and Enders Analysis. This rise reflects the increasing appetite of consumers for media and stories and as such reveals a growing opportunity for publishers, advertisers and content creators alike. Our panel discuss their propositions, how to create engaging content for conversion and how to face the challenge of standing out in a cluttered space.

  • City A.M. - Charles Yardley, Chief Operating Officer
  • Outbrain - James Byrne, Business Development Director
  • Metro Newspapers - David Vokes, Sales Director

Live cross to tech demo #3


Cross over to our consumer vox pops


Coffee break

Food for thought?

Key takeaways:

Up to date knowledge of what is possible around content, how long good content takes and how much it costs; the latest thinking from agencies on creative and product design; content marketing and video tips.


The Big Wig interview with Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing, Legal and General Investment Management

Holly will interview Helena Morrissey about her new role at LGIM and what she learnt from her time at Newton (a BNY Mellon company), what she'll be implementing at LGIM and who her core audience focus is.


Our tribes: panel discussion

Seth Godin taught us that bringing together a tribe of like-minded people can start a movement and amazing things can happen. These three groups along with Boring Money believe this theory and here they discuss how they have implemented and what it has created.

  • Emerald Life - Heidi McCormack, CEO
  • Family Building Society - Mark Bogard, CEO
  • Tide Business Banking - George Bevis, Founder and CEO

More tribes to be announced soon


Social experiment


Closing thoughts

Holly Mackay, MD, Boring Money gives her closing thoughts on the day with a research re-cap and we'll vote on our favourite new tech demos.


Drinks and networking

Our agenda is subject to change.


Chaired by: Holly Mackay

Holly Mackay has been working in the investments space since 1998. Until 2007 she worked in both Australia and the UK, for several Global Investment Firms. In 2008, fed up of working for big financial companies, she set up a business called The Platforum, now one of the UK's most respected financial research firms. She sold the business to Centaur Media in 2011 and left the business in November 2014.

Boring Money is Holly's new venture. Her aim is to help people without PhDs in finance understand the investment markets without jargon, bias or pompous gobbledygook. Holly is a regular speaker at conferences and is also a seasoned hand at chairing events and hosting panel discussions. She's often asked to engage with the boards of major financial brands who are looking for advice on how to create better products and understand their customers. Holly is also Talk Radio's Business Expert for their Breakfast Show, one of the BNY and ITN Market Mavens and is a regular contributor on Sky News, BBC News, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Financial Times. More information can be seen at www.hollymackay.com.

Jeremy White

Jeremy White is the Product Editor at WIRED magazine. He is responsible for the magazine's coverage of all manner of physical products, from smart-home hubs to cars, footwear to phones, drones to interior design. As well as writing and editing WIRED's coverage, Jeremy also consults directly with a wide range of businesses delivering an outside perspective on the latest developments and how products might better be designed. He looks at the very latest in intelligent industrial design and product innovation. By considering how companies create new products, where they get it wrong and right, how technology is applied well and poorly, he helps companies and individuals to understand innovative thinking, how they can adopt it, and how their lives and businesses might change. Jeremy also examines the unexpected ways new innovations are changing established markets and industries by incorporating good design, focusing on the user experience, and only using technology when it adds something. Additionally, as well as WIRED, Jeremy also writes for the Telegraph on all things gadget related and previously worked for the FT and Esquire magazine.

Nick Middleton

Nick Middleton is a finance professional with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of affluent private clients.

He is one of two co-heads of UBS SmartWealth and uses his wide-ranging expertise to implement investment solutions that help clients meet their goals.

Joining UBS in 2009 Nick initially focused managing private client relationships through the provision of discretionary and advisory investment advice. In 2011 he took on the leadership of the Affluent desk which was set up to manage the accounts for all UBS clients with invested assets of less than £1m. Nick then joined the SmartWealth team in April 2016.

He started work in the City in 1996 for Henderson Crosthwaite. Through a series of mergers that firm became the investment management arm of Investec. During that 12-year period Nick managed portfolios for private clients, corporate entities and charities. Nick is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. Before starting his professional career, Nick studied at the University of Plymouth where he graduated in Business Studies.

Charles Yardley

Charles Yardley joined City A.M. in January 2016 as Chief Operating Officer based in London, UK.

City A.M. is a daily business news organisation, distributed at commuter and professional hotspots throughout London and the surrounding area, as well as 1,600 offices throughout the City, Canary Wharf and other areas of high business concentration. The paper employs an editorial team of 27 across its four daily sections - news, business features and investment, lifestyle and sport - and has an active website, CityAM.com.

Previously Charles was Managing Director International and Publisher of Forbes Life at Forbes Media based in London/New York. He was responsible for running the commercial/advertising operations across all media platforms, introducing marketers to the Company's new and highly innovative advertising products in the marketplace.

Mr. Yardley also held the position of Sales Director EMEA/APAC Digital Advertising Sales for Forbes Media, responsible for leading the international sales team in their online sales efforts as well leading the region in their integrated sales efforts.

Prior to joining Forbes Media, Mr. Yardley has held sales positions at Financial Times Business. He began his career as a media sales executive in 1996.

Jane Warren

Jane Warren is CEO of Investec Click & Invest, a new online investment management service for individuals with £10,000 or more to invest, launching later this year. Jane has held several positions across the business over the last twenty years and is leading Investec Wealth & Investment's digital innovation strategy forward.

Steven Mendel

Steven has over 25 years' deep and diverse experience in the financial services industry - as a qualified actuary at AON, as a strategy consultant at McKinsey, and as a business leader at Barclays Wealth and Close Brothers. Driven by a desire to change financial services for the better, he has previously set up an art finance business for Christie's, and founded an investment consultancy to make asset-based advice available to all pension funds.

Steven founded Bought By Many (www.boughtbymany.com) to shift the balance of power in insurance. He feels strongly that the insurance industry treats corporates better than individuals, and that it's time for that to change. He is disrupting the world of insurance, through the innovative use of search and social media.

Mark Leruste

Mark is the founder and host of The Unconventionalists, a weekly podcast and web TV show covering entrepreneurship, leadership, courage and vulnerability. He is the author of "It's Not You, It's Me and has spent the last four years as Country Manager for the Movember Foundation, where he launched and grew the annual campaign across four European countries, raising more than €2.8million for men's health and inspiring 110,000 fundraisers to sign up at Movember.com. Over the years Mark has launched several startups, including Mister-Tailor and Heaven Shakes and his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Shortlist, The Sunday Telegraph, 20Minutes and Canal+. As an ICF-accredited professional coach with a business background, today, Mark helps organisations such as L'Oreal, INSEAD, Intuit, Oxford Business School, General Assembly and The Clore Social Leadership Programme have a bigger impact by providing one-to-one coaching, leading in person training programmes, delivering talks and workshop. He holds a BSc (Hon) in Business and European Management from the University of Kent and is a Co-Active Leadership Graduate, through The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA, USA.

James Byrne

James works with brands to help them develop the best content marketing strategies. James' previous experience includes Senior Executive at The Economist, where he developed integrated content-lead programs and advertising solutions for brands across different platforms within The Economist Group. With a professional career steeped in publishing excellence, James' experience has evolved alongside the digital evolution of publishing, with previous roles including Head of Client Sales Technology, Financial Times and Advertising Director, Management Today and Advertising Director, The World In, Economist.

Rob Fisher

Rob leads Vanguard's retail growth team and is responsible for developing Vanguard's retail presence in the UK and Europe. Rob, along with his team, are passionate about lowering the cost and complexity of investing to give investors the best chance of investment success. He has over 20 years of experience in retail investing and has previously held roles at Fidelity, HSBC and Flemings Save & Prosper.

Anthony Thomson

Anthony Thomson is the founder and chairman of Atom Bank, founder and chairman of the Financial Services Forum, Chairman of the National Skills Academy for Financial Services, and NED of agilti, a company providing banking software as a service. Atom was granted it's banking licence in June 2015. It launched in March 2016, as the first real alternative to the High Street banks. It is the first full service retail and business bank delivered via an app offering savings, business loans and mortgages, with further products and services to launch during 2017. Previously Anthony was founder of Metro Bank and served as the first chairman from 2009 until 2012, before leaving the bank in December 2012. In 2015 the Evening Standard named him as 'one of the 1000 most influential Londoners'.

Emanuel Andjelic

Emanuel is co-founder and Chairman of Squirrel, a budgeting and savings account controlled via an App. Previous to Squirrel, Emanuel set up an IT services company, which he grew to over 300 employees and £8m turnover, before successfully exiting in 2013. Having personally experienced the damaging effects of payday lending during a period of financial hardship, Emanuel pledged to make his next venture one that would help end the payday loan market.

He founded Squirrel in 2014 and received government funding through the Innovate UK and Wayra social innovation programmes. The product has since won numerous awards, most recently beating RBS/Natwest to become Best Regular Savings Product in the FairBanking Foundation 2017 review.

Victor Trokoudes

Victor is the former Head of International at TransferWise, having joined the company as their sixth employee in London and seeing them grow to over 500. He built the international team that launched TransferWise in 20 new markets including the U.S.A. and Australia. Prior to TransferWise Victor was the founder of BlueBird, a POS reseller in Europe. He studied economics at Harvard University and has an MBA from INSEAD.

Mark Bogard

Mark Alexander Bogard MA, born 1962, joined the board in 2012 as Chief Executive. He has over 20 years experience in financial services focused on helping people make the most of their money. He ran Barclays' retail funds business and then built up Moneyextra, an aggregator website focused on mortgages and savings that was sold to Bristol & West Plc. Upon its acquisition the business was merged with Chase de Vere and Willis National, two leading IFAs, and Mark was appointed as Managing Director. From 2004 until 2012, Mark was UK Chief Executive of IFG Group plc, responsible for James Hay, the leading SIPP provider, and Saunderson House, an hourly rate financial advisory business. He has an MA from Cambridge University and completed his articles with Slaughter and May before joining Schroders to work in corporate finance. In January 2013 he was appointed as a non-executive director of Alexander Hall, the leading mortgage broker, whose board meetings he now chairs, which helps him to understand the perspective of the Society's principal channel for distributing mortgages.

David Prest

David Prest is the Managing Director of Whistledown, one of the UK's leading radio production companies and podcaster producers. David is a former BBC producer, and founded the company in 1998. Credits include BBC Radio 4's The Reunion and Feedback, NPR's This American Life and My Perfect Country for BBC World Service, as well as podcasts and associated digital content for Glyndebourne Opera, The Open University, brands like Mint Velvet and The Economist and BBC podcasts Seriously, Comedy of the Week & Tomorrow's World.

George Bevis

George Bevis is the CEO at Tide, the mobile-first business banking service; a business he founded in February 2015. Tide launched in January 2017 after raising more than $2m in funding in 2016 from VCs including Passion Capital, Anthemis and Local Globe. Prior to founding Tide, George, an experienced entrepreneur and former banker, previously worked in banking at Capital One, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclaycard.

George joined Capital One in 2002 as a Business Analyst at Capital One before moving to RBS in 2005 where he became a Manager of Strategy and Planning before becoming Head of Innovation. After leaving RBS, George went on to found SpeedSell.com in 2007 and joined Barclaycard in 2012 where he held positions of Director of Business Strategy, Director of Global Digital Product and finally Director of Wearables Strategy. After leaving Barclaycard George went on to become a Director of Product at Zopa before founding Groovey Bananas, an internet incubator where he stayed for over three years until he founded Tide.

Banking Hall
14 Cornhill
London EC3V 3ND
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